Wholesale Tropical Hair Care Products


BENEFITS to partner with the Casacoa Islands Tropical Hair Care Company!!!

Casacoa Islands is a destination and your Salon is part of that important destination.

That means you are part of our 60 Salon only Exclusive partnership. Which is only 2% of the Hair Salon market to offer our Exclusive Tropical Hair Care Product Line.

You will have a big step up on your competition and once we fill our partnership we close the market.

We will increase your Retail Sales by 200-500%.

And by word of mouth adding NEW Retail customers and NEW Service customers to our salon partnerships.

Every order will be hand delivered by your Territory Manager within 3 days of order. Not delivered by any courier service,      delivered directly by your Territory Manager. (Nothing worse than having empty spots on your shelf, hence, lose sales)

We Recommend:                                                                                                                                                                                      Ordering a variety of our Exclusive products. A one stop shop for your customer needs. Using our Hair Product Order Pads for stylists at their stations (no charge). Stylist recommended commission tier payout (normal paycheck period). Receptionist recommended commission tier payout (monthly).


Our recommended commission Tier payout puts a great incentive on the Designers/Receptionists/Front desk to be in more control of their earnings/raises.

By partnering with the Casacoa Islands Tropical Hair Care Company, your Increase in Sales/Profits will pay your lease/rent, utilities, salaries, etc.

Minimum opening order is only $250.00                Reorders only minimum of $125.00

First Purchase also includes: Shelf Talker Wooden (Display with Products), Acrylic Shelf Talker w/pricing, Wholesale Catalog, Customer Catalog, Casacoa Islands Note Pad, Casacoa Islands Pen, Recommended Commission Tier payout for Stylists/Receptionists, Hair Designer/Client Product Order Pads.

If you are interested in an Exclusive partnership, and help paying your lease/rent, utilities, employee salaries and more by increasing your bottom line... Give us a call or send us an email! We would like to send you a full color catalog with wholesale pricing.