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"Welcome to the Casacoa Islands Hair Salon & Spa" 

Salon Hours: Tue-Fri 9-6  Sat 9-4 Closed Sun and Mon



                                                              HAIR SERVICES

                    Haircuts                                                          Color/Perm                                         

            Men                  $25-$30                          Single (Root Touch up)  $65-$75                                  Women            $30-$45                          All Over Color                 $85-$95

            Kids up to 10  $20       11-15 ($24)        Partial HiLite                   $65-$75

                                                                            Full HiLite                        $85-$95

                                                                            Perm                                $65-$90

       Blow Out                                                         Prom/Updo's

Short               $30 & UP         $45 & Up  Bring your friends and everyone gets 10% off

Long               $40 & UP

      Shampoo & Set                                               Treatments

           $30  & UP                          Conditioning      $25    Eyebrow Waxing      $15



                           Manicures      $50                               Gel Manicures       $60

Acrylics          $75-$90 Full Set          Fill                          $50

                        Pedicures       $70 & UP                      Polish Change      $25  Repair       $7

Add on "Art"  $10                               Complex                $20


                                                                  FUN FACTS

Dazzle Dry - It is Long Lasting, Fast Drying, Humane, NONTOXIC and Made in the USA

CND Shellac Gel Polish - Long Wear with no filing on the natural nail. Protection for weak & brittle nails...

Pedicures - Rejuvenates, Hydrates, Nourishes skin with Vitamin E, Aloe, etc.

Acrylics - CND Retention+ (monomer), MMA FREE. CAUTION: MMA exposure has been linked to adverse health effects including dermal toxicity and respiratory tract effects.

                  COME AND GET THE BEST MANICURES, ACRYLICS & PEDICURES                                                                                   OF YOUR LIFE!!!

                                                           TANNING SERVICES

1 Session only $7        5 for $30        10 for $50


Our way of saying

"Welcome to the Casacoa Islands Hair Salon & Spa" 

We would like to give you 25% off your 1st visit.


An all-inclusive visit that offers: Hair, Nails, Tanning, Gift Shop,

and our Signature line of Tropical Hair Care Products!


We plan to make your visit a destination!

From our professional staff and beach setting,

you will feel pampered upon your arrival!


Every day should feel like a day at the beach!

Let our Captain, Director & Purser guide you on an incredible experience…


Remember your COMPLETE visit is 25% off.

So come, relax & enjoy your visit!

                  1500 W. Chestnut St. Washington, PA 15301 * Washington Crown Center Mall *                                                                                             inside next to Rural King

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